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It’s official! I’m a self-published author! Today I FINALLY published my poetry book. I say finally because I’ve been wanting to do this for years, but I let procrastination win. Well, I’M winning now!

I learned a lot from my self-publishing experience. The main thing I learned is to never give up when a task seems too difficult. Since my book is self-published, I had to do everything myself such as design the book cover and format the book text. Luckily, I’m a DIY kind of girl. Still, I had a tough time putting everything together because I don’t know how to work Photoshop well. I stayed up until 4:00am a couple of nights trying to figure things out. I felt like giving up and using the consulting services provided by CreateSpace. But, my pocketbook was like, uh no ma’am. So, I stuck to it and made Photoshop my b*tch. The next book will be a breeze!

I am truly proud of myself for putting my creation out into the world. It feels damn good. I didn’t have to ask for anybody’s permission or wait around for a traditional publisher’s approval. Who has time for that? I made it happen NOW.

Musings of a Wordy Girl will be released on May 1st via Amazon. It’s a journey through my dreams, thoughts, and observations where I touch on topics such as love, politics, and family.

Yaaaayyyy me!

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